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Our publication, called 'The Abacus'

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... focuses on the needs of the elementary mathematics teacher. It is published four times a year as part of the Ontario Mathematics Gazette (known as 'The Gazette'). You can view samples of articles from previous issues by clicking here ...

Current Issue: Volume 56 # 1 - September 2017
Abacus Table of Contents

    Abacus Activities
  • RESEARCH SUMMARY | About Division of Whole Numbers
  • LINKS TO MANIPULATIVES | Base Ten Blocks and Square Tiles
  • LET'S DO MATH | Bansho Plan Flags for Schools / basketball
  • LINKS TO LITERATURE | One Hundred Angry Ants by Elinor J. Princzes
  • LET'S DO MATH | Red Delicious Apples from Farm to Home
  • LET'S DO MATH | Visiting the Parks

Abacus Staff

Position Name Contact Info:
Abacus Co-EditorMARY LOU
Abacus Co-EditorKATHY

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