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Sample Letter to Parents
A sample letter designed to introduce parents/caregivers to the PRISM-NEO take-home CD.
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Sketchpad Manipulative/Tool Collection ("The Ubersketch")
A large collection of ready-to-use manipulatives and custom tools that was prepared for the PRISM-NEO CD. These are useful for students to use directly as well as for producing handouts and new activities. This sketch is available at the bottom of every sketch search page.
   Sketchpad Virtual Manipulatives
Learning about Sketchpad
The following are useful for both teachers and students to learn more about
The Geometer's Sketchpad®:
  A. The TriSkate Tutorials  TriSkate Tutorial 1
 TriSkate Tutorial 2
 TriSkate Tutorial 3
 TriSkate Activity
  B. An Introductory Tutorial  TIPS Tutorial
  C. QuickTime Tutorials  Ontario's Atomic Learning website
         Ask the Site Manager or OESS Contact for the login and password
Virtual Manipulatives Web Site
Visit the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for some great activities
  (for help view the Using the NVLM movie)

PRISM-NEO Templates
 The template used to create the PRISM-NEO multi-page sketches.
The FileMaker Pro 5.5 database used to catalog the sketches.


Useful Web Links
  Key Curriculum Press' Sketchpad Site
  OSAPAC (Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee)
  OAME (Ontario Association for Mathematics Education)
  Think Literacy: Mathematics Approaches
  Leading Math Success/TIPS4RM
  TIPS: Targeted Implementation and Planning Supports
  Notable Strategies
  Ontario Elementary Mathematics Curriculum
  Ontario Secondary Mathematics Curriculum
  Secondary Course Profiles and Other Ministry Initiatives
  Ontario Curriculum Unit Planner