OAME - Ontario Math Olympics 2009 - Math Performances


Yesterday, factoring was a hard game to play,
Now I see things in a different way,
Oh, I believe in GCF!
Suddenly, factoring is not a mystery!
I’m getting A’s so easily,
All because of GCF!
First, list all the prime factors, using factor trees.
Next, just multiply common factors don’t you see (ee-ee-ee).
But you see, common factors may just not appear!
In that case you have no work to do,
For the GCF is 1.
How did I exist knowing little, not so deft?
Now, there’s this magic thing that they call the GCF! (ef-ef-ef)
Now I say, “GCF beats every other way!”
Common factors is a game I play,
Oh I believe in GCF!
I believe in GCF!