OAME - Ontario Math Olympics 2009 - Math Performances


The other day, we won a contest
we did some math, that made us the best
It was simple math, and fun for us
but not so much, for the kids at school
In a VW car, so we all went
feeling like super stars, to a place called Trent
Reading the Q’s, and getting A’s
it’s what we do, it’s what we say
Remember BEDMAS, for if you don’t
getting the right answer, oh no you won’t
Know all your shapes, and angles too
and FZC formations, and you won’t feel blue,
2,4,6,8, math is so great
1,3,5,7, prime can be like heaven 
Doing challenging puzzles, and initiatives
is very creative, and competitive
Doing algebra, with different variables
it really helps, if you know your math tables
Doing square roots, is such a chore
oh my brain  hurts,  I cannot take much more
Congratulations, to all of you
You came along,  and competed too