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Welcome to all Conference Attendees, Presenters and Organizers!

The OAME Mathematics Conference Information System (MCIS for short) has been developed to provide access to all OAME annual math conferences and chapter mini-conferences. (OAME = Ontario Association for Mathematics Education)

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  • After a conference has ended, attendees can complete an online evaluation form to provide feedback to the conference organizers.
  • Potential conference presenters can make a Session Proposal for upcoming conferences.

Upcoming Mathematics Conferences

Current Conferences are listed below. If they are open for Session Proposals or Online Registration, there will be a button indicating that in the respective tab above. If not, check out the link provided for more information and updates.

2017 Annual Conference
OAME Annual Conference - Kingston 2017 - Now for Something Completely Different
May 11, 2017 May 13, 2017 hosted by QSLMA at St. Lawrence College, Kingston, ON
For more details visit here

2017 Leadership Conference Nov 10, 2017 Leading Ideas in Math Education

ISOMA May 05, 2017 UCC Junior Math Olympiad
UCCJMO is a student run competition day started four years ago. The contests day includes two 40 mins talk run by senior students in the morning that will walk students through fun math contest topics which are not covered by the traditional curriculum, a

No conferences open for session proposals at this time.