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Ontario Association for Mathematics Education
Ontario Association for Mathematics Education

Welcome to OAME/AOEM. The Ontario Association for Mathematics Education is the professional organization for everyone interested in Mathematics Education in Ontario. Our mission is to promote, support, and advocate for excellence in mathematics education throughout the Province of Ontario. For more about OAME/AOEM, check out our Vision for Learning Mathematics.

OAME/AOEM and all of their professional learning opportunities, including the OAME/AOEM Annual Conference, are not funded in any way by the Ministry of Education or any Boards of Education. If further clarification is required, please contact your local federation office.


OAMEtalks - Season 6 - New Episode

Listen to the latest episode from Season 6 of the OAMEtalks podcast as David Petro talks with Jordan Rappaport and Elli Weisdorf as they discuss the topic of their upcoming webinar: "Supporting Access and Inclusion for Students with Special Education Needs". Register on MCIS for the upcoming webinar, free for OAME members, that will take place on Zoom on Wed Dec 13th @ 8pm.

You may also wish to view October's webinar by Robert Durocher: Learning Math From the Land, Art and Environment: Holistic Considerations (now available for viewing). Stories of Math: Storytelling and (w)holism. link ...

Welcome to new OAME Board of Directors

September means a new school year, and a new OAME year. Welcome back to the OAME President, Sandra Jean Price, for 2022-2024, now in the second year of her two-year presidential term!
  • New to the OAME Board of Directors this year are Gerry Lewis (Director, JK-6), and Michael Frankfort (Director, 7-12).
  • Also joining the board are new Chapter Representatives: Giovanni Bruccoleri from CHAMP, Stephanie Bishop from O34ME, Vineeta Krishnan from SAME, and Sean Cousins from WOMA.
  • Moving to new positions are Kit Luce who is President-Elect for this school year, and Paul Alves is now the new Emeritus member on the Executive.
  • Farewell to Judy Mendaglio, finishing her term as Past-President, and after leading us through the pandemic years as the first two-year OAME president.
  • Also leaving is long time OAME board member Bill Otto, who has been the longest serving board member in recent history (possibly ever?). He has been a chapter rep, a director, and most recently, Emeritus member of the Executive.
  • Leaving the board, after shorter stints, but still important contributions, are Sam Garrison, Jimmy Pai, Kristin Methot, Franca Genno and Christopher Stewart - thank you to all of you for all your work on the board, and all the best in the future.

Back to School Supports for Teachers

OAME/AOEM continues to strive to support Ontario's mathematics teachers. Here are some of the supports that you may want to visit to help you as you plan the coming scholastic year:
  • - Elementary -
    Here you will find lesson and assessment plans for the 2020 Revised Math Curriculum, as well as webinars to help you navigate the curriculum.
  • - Grade 9 -
    Here you will find sample Course Plans, lesson and assessment plans, and webinars to support the successful implementation of the new grade 9 de-streamed math course.
  • Math 4 the Nines website - Math4theNines
    To further support the implementation of MTH1W, look to this site for a variety of resources, including our Workshops-in-a-Bag.
  • mathies website-
    Here you will find tools and apps that are designed to align with our Ontario mathematics curriculum.
We hope you are able to make excellent use of these free resources! link ...

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