May 28th & 29th, 2010

Ontario Educational Leadership Centre



MAC2 Executive

President: Kyla Kadlec
Secretaries: Kim Tait, Lyn Vause
Treasurer: Jeff Irwin
OAME chapter rep: Paul Szczokin


OMO 2010 Committee Co-chairs

Greg Clarke
Danielle Blair
Bill Morrison

OMO 2010 Committee Members

Ursula Irwin
Jeff Irwin
Kim Tait
Trish Steele
Kyla Kadlec
Monique Kadlec
Paul Szczokin
Andrew Morrison
Diane Vetter
Bruce McKay
Cheryl McGinnis
Betty Nelsons
John Egsgard

OMO2010 friends

Don Steele
Caroline Gilbert
Judy Blaney
Rebecca Rodgers


Welcome to the OMO2010 Home Page

Thank you to all who were part of the OMO2010 event - organizers, volunteers, cabin counselors, mathletes, coaches and chaperones. It was a great event!

Congratulations to all 31 teams who competed. The top three finalists were awarded medals, though everyone deserved a prize for such great work during the event.
Gold Medalists - Y4MA South
Silver Medalists - CHAMPogascar
Bronze Medalists - TEAMS 1

Download the OMO2010 Prep Materials / Practice Contest

Download the actual OMO2010 Contest

The Ontario Mathematics Olympics was held this year at the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre (OELC) near Orillia, Ontario, on May 28th and 29th.

Ontario Educational Leadership Centre
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