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Ontario Association for Mathematics Education
Ontario Association for Mathematics Education

OAME Archives

The Ontario Association for Mathematics Education is now in its 49th year serving the teachers of Mathematics for this province, and beyond. Over the years a great number of individuals have invested their time and energy and dedication to the love of Mathematics, and their joy in sharing that with other teachers and with students. You will find below links to various individuals who have played key roles in the OAME over the years, educators who have been celebrated and honoured by the OAME, and events that have been organized by the OAME.
  • Executive Directors - Men and women who have tirelessly worked to shepherd the OAME through the years
  • Past Presidents - Individuals who have led the OAME at one point in time and placed their mark on Mathematics Education in the province of Ontario
  • Life Members - Individuals who have been appointed the OAME Life Membership Award, given to recognize a person who has contributed in a significant way to OAME/AOEM, demonstrated outstanding leadership in mathematics education, and accumulated 10 or more years of member

  • Kenneth D. Fryer award / Secondary School Mathematics Staff award - This award is given annually to recognize a secondary school mathematics department which foster collegiality, team work, and excellent classroom teaching; contributes to the overall development of students; and demonstrates leadership in the mathematics
  • Elementary School Staff Award for Exceptional and Collaborative Mathematics Teaching - This award recognizes an elementary school whose staff fosters collaborative and excellent mathematics teaching; contributes to the overall development of student learning of mathematics; and demonstrates leadership in the mathematics community.
  • Father Faught Memorial Award Winners - This award was given to the Ontario school with the highest standing on the Junior Mathematics Contest of the University of Waterloo. The award honours the memory of Father Donald T. Faught, a former high school Mathematics teacher and university profess
  • Morley MacGregor award / Exceptional and Creative Elementary Mathematics Teaching award - This award recognizes an elementary teacher who has demonstrated excellence in math education, as well as contributing to the overall development of students beyond classroom activities. Originally named for a founding Executive Director of OAME
  • Don Attridge award / Exceptional and Creative Secondary Mathematics Teaching award - This award is given to a Secondary Mathematics teacher for Exceptional and Creative Teaching in Secondary Mathematics in Ontario. Up to and including 2002 the award was named for Don Attridge, the first President of OAME, and a former Executive Director
  • Mona MacGregor award / Award for Outstanding Contribution to OAME and Math Education in Ontario - This award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to OAME, but who is not necessarily an educator or a member of OAME. Up to and including 2002, this award was named in honour of one of the founding Executive Directors of OAME.
  • OAME Leadership Award - This award recognizes an educator who has demonstrated leadership by contributing in a significant way to the development of mathematics teachers and enhancing mathematics education in Ontario.
  • Other OAME Awards - From time to time the OAME gives out additional awards, to honour special individuals and/or events.

  • Gazette Editors - The Ontario Mathematics Gazette is the official publication of OAME and in fact pre-dates the current organization. The following list of intrepid literary mathematical organizational genii have consistently maintained excellence in this publication.
  • Abacus Editors - The Abacus is published to support elementary teachers of Mathematics, currently included with The Gazette, it was originally published as a newsletter on its own. The following editors have carefully and lovingly gathered resources over the years.

  • OAME Annual Conferences - The annual gathering of Ontario Mathematics teachers and leaders from around the province, that travels from year to year, hosted by a hard-working local chapter.
  • OAME Leadership Conferences - The annual conference aimed at providing teachers the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills while exploring in depth some aspect of Mathematics learning and teaching.
  • Ontario Mathematics Olympics - The annual provincial finals for the Ontario grade 7 and 8 students math contest organized by the OAME.

  • Timeline of OAME - A visual vertical timeline of the main people and events that have shaped OAME over the years.