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Ontario Association for Mathematics Education
Ontario Association for Mathematics Education

OAME/AOEM Position Statements

The Ontario Association for Mathematics Education is creating position statements on a variety of topics related to mathematics teaching and learning. These position statements define the beliefs of OAME/AOEM and will be revisited from time to time to ensure that they remain relevant and current. Once the final version of each paper is approved by the OAME Executive, it will be accessible on this page.

The goal of each OAME/AOEM Position Statement is to outline OAME/AOEM’s beliefs on issues surrounding math education by providing transparency and guidance to those involved with mathematics education in Ontario. Any clarification regarding a position or how to proceed in accordance with it can be brought to the attention of the OAME/AOEM Executive Committee. SELECT * FROM oame_links INNER JOIN oame_page_sections ON oame_links.SectID = oame_page_sections.SectID WHERE LinkPage LIKE 'posStmts' AND LinkShow LIKE 'Y' ORDER BY oame_page_sections.SectOrder, LinkOrder, LinkName;
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  • Access, Equity, and Inclusion - to promote and sustain an inclusive environment for students and teachers
  • Critical Thinking - One of the broad goals of mathematics is to provide our students with tools and strategies so that they are able to approach and break down a problem. After this initial stage of problem solving, students will make decisions about the most efficient way to solve a problem. Promoting critical thinking in our classrooms provides students’ opportunities to be independent and creative problem solvers. In addition, students need to be able to use these critical thinking skills developed in the math classroom in order to be critical consumers of the growing amount of information that is presented to them in the 21st century.
  • Destreaming/De-tracking Math Position Statement - How do we as a community of educators support effective implementations of practices for a destreamed mathematics classroom?
  • STEM - How do we as a community of educators regard STEM, while taking into consideration mathematics education in Ontario JK–Grade 12?