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Ontario Association for Mathematics Education
Ontario Association for Mathematics Education

The 9 - 10 Committee

The members of this committee are:

9 - 10
Irene McEvoy
Heather Boychuk
Rona Doyle
David Petro
John Rodger
Bill Otto
Rogert Sherk
John Kersley

This committee is developing two grade 9 tasks - the popcorn challenge and the bungie jump.

Other activities

Download the "C.A.R.E Package" of materials from OAME/OMCA that will help you to implement the grade 9 and 10 curriculum.

If you need a program to unzip the files, I suggest that you visit

Please send comments to:
Anthony Azzopardi -
Imtiaz Damji -
Sandy DiLena -
Mary Howe -
Myrna Ingalls -
Irene McEvoy -
Miriam Stanford -
Chris Suurtamm -

You can download an updated file called "Generic Rubrics for all 4 Categories of the Achievement Chart for grades 9 - 12" (Its format is Microsoft Word Version 6).

The Grade 9 Catholic Profiles and all the Grade 10 profiles have been cross referenced to the text books. A PDF version of the grade 10 Profiles is available here.

You can download a sample Grade 9 Final Exam here ...
Please send comments to