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President's Message - December 2017

Goals and Relationships

I am writing this message a little over a month into a new school year, after engaging in much reflection on the current mission and goals of the OAME. As Judy Mendaglio, the Past-President of the OAME, highlighted in the September 2017 issue of the Gazette, "[...] our organization has undergone explosive growth in a very short time" (p. 7). This growth is exciting and has prompted us to reconsider the current and future goals of the OAME. As Judy also mentioned, this work has already begun.

During a meeting in August 2017, the OAME Executive reflected on our current and long-term goals in connection to our mission statement, objectives, and vision, which are identified on the OAME website (Mission Statement). One goal that emerged involved the need to support membership and to cultivate relationships with OAME Chapters, school boards, the Ontario Ministry of Education, post-secondary institutions, and other organizations. With the current capabilities of technology, we are now exploring ways to use technology to support members. This conversation will continue this year, and we will be seeking input from members.

The OAME Board of Directors has also been working to prepare for the upcoming 45th annual OAME Conference, "Infinite Possibilities," which will be held on May 3-4, 2018 at Humber College in Toronto. Please visit the conference website at for up-to-date information. Full registration will begin on February 1st. Mark your calendar because it is going to be another exciting event. So make sure to save your spot and register early.

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