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2017-Feb-17CLIPS Notepad has been updated to include the ability to switch between French and English and to copy annotations.
2017-Feb-17CLIPS Colour Tiles recent updates include different shapes, increased colour choices and the ability to copy annotations.
2017-Feb-17CLIPS Relational Rods+ includes new primary colour palette and the ability to copy annotations
2016-Dec-09CLIPS New Game: Catch a Bouncing Ball - Operations. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
2016-Nov-04CLIPS New Tool: Use the Set Tool to generate sets of objects, sort and classify objects, create patterns. Includes ten frames and the ability to randomly generate sets.
2016-Nov-04CLIPS New Tool: Use Colour Tiles to represent numbers, explore patterns and create geometric designs.
2016-Jun-24CLIPS Rekenrek now includes the ability to import images and annotation improvements.
2016-Jun-10CLIPS Money Tool recent updates include annotation improvements and the ability to insert images.
2016-May-19CLIPS Number line tool now includes various annotation improvements and the ability to import multiple images.
2016-Mar-30CLIPS Relational Rods+ includes revised relational rods, whole number rods and new decimal number rods all bundled in one tool. Developed for desktop and mobile devices.
2016-Feb-15CLIPS A new Quadratics Functions (Factored) example added to the graphing calculator together with some bug fixes. The i buttons link to a new Support Wiki page.
2016-Feb-12CLIPS Money Tool revisions include: dragging multiple copies from the cash drawer, undo/redo, currency count and multi-select then copy, move or recycle.
2015-Oct-20CLIPS New Tool: The Number Line Tool for Whole Number and Integer representation, comparison, addition and subtraction is available for desktop computers.
2015-Oct-20CLIPS New Game: Diamond Drop Whole Numbers. Students drag diamonds to complete comparison statements.
2015-Jun-15CLIPS New Tool: Use the Set Tool to create a set of up to 100 objects. Explore counting strategies and sorting strategies based on shape, size or colour attributes.
2015-Apr-07CLIPS New Tool: Use the Notepad tool to write solutions, sketch diagrams, create graphs and record thinking. Four backgrounds: blank, grid, isometric and lined. Developed for desktop and mobile devices.
2015-Apr-07CLIPS New Tool: The Money tool can be used to represent amounts using realistic Canadian bills and coins. Incorporates the annotation tool. Developed for desktop and mobile devices.
2015-Feb-02CLIPS New Game: Diamond Drop - Sign of a Sum challenges students to create sums that are positive, zero or negative. Now available from the Games Tab (Integer Category).
2015-Feb-02CLIPS New Tools: Relational Rods and Whole Number Rods tools can be used to represent and operate on various types of numbers.
2015-Jan-22CLIPS The Learning Tools page and the CLIPS tools tab have links to the Rekenrek App on the App Store and Google Play Store. This is the first app created for!
2015-Jan-22CLIPS The Rekenrek tool has been updated to match the new mobile versions, all of which include the annotation tool.
2014-Dec-15CLIPS All GSP files replaced with version 5 files that work with Sketchpad Explorer app. Various enhancements and bug fixes related to these sketches.
2014-Dec-08CLIPS More informative messages for mobile users. Open links added for GSP files that will work in Puffin Academy. Bug fixes. Everything republished using Flash CS6.
2014-Oct-01CLIPS Update to Linear Graphing Tool - solid line tool, resize graph button added.
2014-Sep-30CLIPS CLIPS on Mobile Devices: Use Puffin Academy, a free educational app which allows Adobe Flash content to be displayed on an iOS or Android device, to visit Mathies, MathCLIPS and ePractice.
2014-Jun-03CLIPS CLIPS site refresh: The first screens load more quickly and revised zip files are available for download.
2014-May-07CLIPS Tool Container: Pouring Containers is a volume model used to represent and operate on fractions. This tool includes "how to" support videos accessed via the "i" button within the tool.
2014-May-07CLIPS Tool Container: The Whole Number Comparison Tool features comparisons using words, symbols and a number line.
2014-May-07CLIPS Tool Container: GSP Virtual Manipulatives sketch consists of a collection of virtual manipulatives including: algebra tiles, base 10 blocks, fraction circles, geoboards and tangrams.
2014-May-07CLIPS Search: An updated search engine features a new search bar at the top right of the screen as well as a table of quick search topics. Search results now include all available resources.
2014-May-07CLIPS Copyright: Copyright holder changed to Curriculum Assessment and Policy Branch.
2014-May-07CLIPS Whats New: You may have noticed that this page has a new look. The team has also improved its method of keeping this information current, so remember to keep an eye on this page.
2014-Jan-15CLIPS Games: Pyramid Solitaire (Fractions) challenges students to clear a pyramid of cards by matching fraction cards and whole number cards to form whole number products. Includes a PDF of offline games.
2014-Jan-15CLIPS Games: Catch a Bouncing Ball (Whole Numbers) updated to include levels dealing with numbers from 0 to 50. These levels are designed for primary grades and feature various pictorial representations.
2013-Dec-20CLIPS CLIPS site refresh: Zip files containing all CLIPS games or all tools are available for download. Cluster zip files have been updated. FAQ page has been revised.
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Games Tab: The main page now features a games tab which can be accessed directly using the URL and mirrors the descriptions and functionality of
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Tools Tab: The main page now features a tools tab which can be accessed directly using the URL and mirrors the descriptions and functionality of
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Games: Whole Number Representation Match, designed for early primary grades, features a variety of pictorial and numeric representations of numbers up to 20.
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Games: Catch a Bouncing Ball challenges students to locate values on a variety of number lines with different scales. Current levels are designed for junior grades and use values up to 10 000.
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Tool Container: The Rekenrek tool has been revised to align with development of an app version which is coming soon.
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Support Videos: "How to" videos are available for Fraction Strips and Partitioning sets tools. Videos can be accessed via the "i" button within each tool. Wiki tool support pages revised.
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Warnings: Improved the information given to mobile users who try and access the site without a suitable version of Flash.
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Bug Fixes: Several minor bugs have been fixed thanks to user feedback. Specifically, quiz results now print more reliably and text renders more consistently on a variety of platforms.
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Removed the option to show activities in development from the settings dialog. Authorized testers will be provided URLs to access activities and tools in development.
2013-Dec-20CLIPS Support Videos: "How to" videos are available for Fraction Strips and Partitioning sets tools. Videos can be accessed via the "i" button within each tool. Wiki tool support pages revised.
2013-May-01CLIPS Tools: Partitioning Sets and revised Fraction Strips tools added to the collection.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Improved Warnings: There are now notifications if the environment is not trusted or if links that require an internet connection are requested when a connection is not available.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Tool Container: The tool container is integrated into the wrapper much more seamlessly. The downloads link gives access to the tools for offline use.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Tool Container: Fractions tools are in the process of being refined.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Download Tables: The SWF Links tab of Resources (accessible using the Links button) displays the available downloads in a fashion similar to the Tools download dialog.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Download Tables: ePractice activities are available using the .swfs link in the Info section or by visiting
2013-Feb-05CLIPS ZIP Files: There is a zip file for each cluster and one for the entire CLIPS and ePractice site. These files can be copied and run from any location trusted by Flash much more reliably than before.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Accessibility: Many CLIPS activities are now accessible to users who are not able to use a mouse. Unfortunately, most scenes that require drag-and-drop are still not keyboard accessible.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Accessibility: A transparency filter is available from Settings (gear icon) to add a shade to the screen, for those with a sensitivity to white backgrounds.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Accessibility: A Magnifier is available from the camera icon, which takes an image of the screen at a specified magnification.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Bug Fixes: All activities have been tested and any bugs found have been addressed. Please use the Feedback link at the top right of the wrapper to report any issues.
2013-Feb-05CLIPS Bug Fixes: Feedback reports now automatically appear in our new bug ticketing system and notify developers directly.
2013-Feb-04CLIPS CLIPS Site refresh - Version 4.13 of the wrapper made live.
2013-Jan-10CLIPS CLIPS sessions at OAME 2013 approved.
2012-Nov-07CLIPS ePractice Activity 16:Dividing Fractions released.
2012-Sep-01CLIPS The site has been refreshed in advance of Semester 1.
2012-Aug-14CLIPS ePractice Activity 15:Multiplying Fractions released
2012-Jul-20CLIPS CLIPS development of Integer Addition activities continues.
2012-May-01CLIPS The site has been refreshed in advance of the OAME Conference CLIPS sessions.
2012-May-01CLIPS The CLIPS Graphing Calculator has been improved to allow entry of equations from the Number Entry Pad (123 button), scales that are multiples of pi, saving and opening work files, and the use of param
2012-Mar-21CLIPS Three new ePractice Activities, based on the Grade 9 Gap Closing Materials are available: 12. Comparing Fractions, 13: Adding Fractions and 14:Subtracting Fractions
2012-Feb-12CLIPS CLIPS tools featured in Fractions Strips and Fraction Towers manipulative tip sheet available at
2011-Oct-21CLIPS CLIPS development weekend - work continued on CLIP 1 of next set of activities : Multiplication of Fractions - stay tuned for pre-release !
2011-Oct-19CLIPS Latest set of ePractice activities now available in revised wrapper - available alongside CLIPS activities
2011-Sep-23CLIPS Two modules of ePractice activities now available - Representing Fractions (for Junior and Intermediate Divisions)
2011-Sep-14CLIPS website domain secured to permanently house links to Gap Closing resources
2011-Sep-14CLIPS website domain secured to permanently house links to Gap Closing online practice activities
2011-Sep-13CLIPS First module of ePractice activities available (based on Fractions - Grade 6 Gap Closing learning materials)
2011-Aug-01CLIPS CLIPS activities being catalogued for inclusion in the OERB - to be made available in Fall 2011
2011-Jul-28CLIPS Video created demonstrating the CLIPS - Exploring Different Representations tool (diff reps of Linear Growing Patterns)
2011-May-11CLIPS CLIPS standalone Tools made available, and highlighted at upcoming OAME Conference
2011-Mar-16CLIPS CLIPS development camp - work has begun on the next set of activities : Multiplication of Fractions - stay tuned !
2011-Mar-02CLIPS CLIPS.ZIP file (615MB) updated to include latest cluster Integers - Representing, Comparing and Ordering
2011-Feb-14CLIPS New CLIP of activities available: Integers- Representing, Comparing and Ordering - CLIP 4 - Representing Integers
2011-Jan-21CLIPS New CLIP of activities available: Integers- Representing, Comparing and Ordering - CLIP 3 - Using Integers to Describe Change
2011-Jan-09CLIPS New CLIP of activities available: Integers- Representing, Comparing and Ordering - CLIP 2 - Comparing and Ordering Integers
2010-Nov-02CLIPS CLIP activities updated with audio: Integers- Representing, Comparing and Ordering - CLIP 1 - Using Integers to Describe Location
2010-Apr-13CLIPS Integer cluster - CLIP 1 - now publicly available ! (Representing, Comparing and Ordering)
2009-Dec-04CLIPS Two more Integers activities available in Pre-Release mode: 5.2.1 Minds-On: What is My Floor and 5.3.6 Consolidation: Arcade Fun
2009-Nov-02CLIPS New Integers activity pre-released - Integer Drop Ball game - CLIP 1 - Activity 5
2009-Oct-21CLIPS Updated Navigating CLIPS one-page PDF to include new features available (Search, Number Entry Pad, inDevMode URL)
2009-Oct-20CLIPS Pre-release of two Integers activities. To view these and future pre-releases use this URL:
2009-Oct-19CLIPS Updated download functions - Save feature now generates download pod with progress bar to track file transfer. (pod can be minimized if desired)
2009-Oct-18CLIPS New Number Entry Tool developed for CLIPS activities to make it easier to use with text entry boxes on an Interactive Whiteboard. Initial deployment in Periodic and Sine Functions cluster.
2009-Oct-16CLIPS CLIPS development weekend - extended CLIPS team working on upcoming activities and planning new clusters
2009-Oct-07CLIPS Updated version of LARGE zip file containing ALL current CLIPS activities and resources ( for local installations (433MB)
2009-Sep-25CLIPS Online version 1 of Robot Rule Game released (Linear Growing Patterns cluster)
2009-Sep-24CLIPS Updated version of Exploring Different Reps tool (Linear Growing Patterns cluster)
2009-Sep-17CLIPS Search feature now includes lists of CLIPS games and downloadable resources
2009-Sep-11CLIPS Whats New feature added to top menu - check to see what has been added or updated recently.
2009-Sep-10CLIPS Wrapper update - added a Search feature to allow you to find a specific CLIP or Activity quickly
2009-Sep-09CLIPS Added link to large download (744MB) in Downloads tab of Resources area in each cluster (for those who wish to install CLIPS locally)
2009-Sep-08CLIPS Added link in Teacher Notes - Supports tab - to "Navigating CLIPS" - one page PDF on how to get around the various CLIPS screen.
2009-Aug-02CLIPS Fractions Memory Match Game created - comparing and representing fractions
2009-Jun-28CLIPS Memory Match Games for Periodic Functions revised - straight Match game version / magnify option
2009-May-20CLIPS Very Large (744 MB) ZIP file posted containing all of CLIPS - for standalone installations.
2009-May-10CLIPS Representations of Linear Growing Patterns - New cluster of CLIPS activities released

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